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Obviously I need some help orienteering through my week.

It’s bad when you lose a whole day in your brain when in actuality you haven’t lost a day at all. What? I’m so confused! Perhaps it’s time to hang up the calendar in a place that makes practical sense (i.e. not the closet.) It’s not my fault that as soon as network television goes on hiatus, my navigation of time and space go a little wonky. Then again, they say that not all who wander are lost. Haven’t figured out who “they” are yet.

Here’s a recap of the week:

  • Monday – It’s hot and sunny. Stuff gets done-ish. Stuff gets written. Tweet a little. House finale.
  • Tuesday – It’s hot and sunny. Stuff gets done. Emails get written. Fruit fly invasion. Saw a bobcat. NCIS re-runs.
  • Wednesday –  It’s really hot and sunny. Stuff gets done. Interview with a curator. Dinner with friend. Beer. Burn Notice.
  • (thirsty) Thursday – (Thirsty mostly because it’s…) still hot, still sunny. Anything could happen. Blogging could happen..

I was going to post something along the lines of “Six Sentence Sunday” because I’m not above shamelessly flaunting some written stuff, but then I figured out that today isn’t Sunday. IT’S THURSDAY, dammit!

I’ll conclude this with a .GIF I ganked  from somebody’s obsessive Tumblr account. It’s enough to scare me into next week.





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Bon voyage
God reise
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